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The Physics In a Competition With Your Siblings



Everyone has those days where they challenge their siblings to a race. But at the end of the competition, how do you know who is the most powerful? During physics class, one of the labs taught us that whoever does the most work in the least amount of time is the most powerful. For example, whoever can run up the stairs the fastest wins the competition. Next time you want to have a friendly competition with your sibling, challenge them and tell them you're the most powerful.

According to the definition, power is defined as the rate at which work is done. However the same amount of work can be done with different supplied power if the time is different. But going back to the competition with your sibling...the formula for power is work/time. So the less time someone takes to complete the activity, the more power they have. For example if two people are completing the same amount of work of 20J but person A finishs at 10 seconds and person B finishs at 6 seconds. Person A's power is 2 watts and person B's power is 3.3 watts. Even though person B is only finished in a little bit less time than person A, person B is still more powerful.


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