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A looong year ahead.



Hello, i am an Ap-C physics student, and many are asking why. So am i. However i love a challenge and math/physics are my two favorite classes. I plan to take the skills im learning now with me into the future and use them in college, where i plan to major in mechanical engineering. i know that if i have success in this class, i can have success anywhere, and therefore i am looking forward to working hard in this class and bettering my knowledge of physics. Im excited about learning all the new knowledge there is to gain from this class, but im nervous about if i will be able to acquire it to 100% the way i need to. However i know if i listen to my teacher, complete all my assignments, study and ask for help when i need it, i will have success.

-Yours truly,



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Have no fear BrightestBulb, nobody gets this course 100% the first time through it. Every time I teach it I learn something more, and I don't think that'll ever change. If you make it through any physics class, and think you understand everything you learned, you probably weren't paying attention. It takes time for things to start making sense, sometimes a few hours, sometimes days, sometimes years. That's OK. Do your best, MAKE it fun, and you'll be a success!

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