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Gymnastics is all about power, how much you can do in a certain about of time, and how well it is done. The difference between doing a few standing back-hand-springs vs doing them in a row connected. Connected passes are alot quicker then single skills. Why? They require more power, even though it may be the same amount of work. The stronger you are the more power you have, thats why gymnast do more conditioning than actual gymnastics. Its either you do it right or not at all. Turning on beam has the same conceipt, you could do 4 half turns or 1 double turn. The same amount of work, but the judges want to see the double turn because it proves to be more power. If you can do three seperate fulls, thats irrelevant to doing a triple full. Same amount of work but the judges are more interested in the power; who has the most, who has the best, and who can control it.


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