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Lord of the Rings Physics



blog-0851265001390585568.pngIn the Famous film trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, specifically the last film Éowyn of Rohan fought the evil Witch King of Agmar by confronting both him and his Fell Beast. To kill Agmar's beast, Éowyn applied force with the weight of her sword and the speed sshe applies into the creatur's head, chopping it off. Then Agmar applies all his remainimg work and energy into his mace to accselerat it towards Éowyn and with enough force, destroys her shield. Agmar then chokes her almost to death until Merry stabes the Witch King in the back with his momentum and impluse to drive it into his back. Finally as the Lady of Rohan reviealed herself as a women, she applies force into her sword and stabs Agmar's face, causing him to wimper to death. Thank you for reading of how Agmar's fall revolves around physics for everything involes physics in its own way.

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So there's even physics in Lord of the Rings?  Interesting!  So why do swords have to be sharp (in physics terms?)  Would make a great follow-up.

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