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Ryse Physics



blog-0298286001390592302.pngIn the new game Ryse:Son of Rome, Roman General, Marius Titus defends rome from Barbarion invaders through catapults and archers. But how do these weapons work? To start off, archers need the amount of power with their work and time to arm the bows and convert all their remaining potential energy to aim for the Barbarians. They then release all their energy out of kinetic energies to fire the arow to the Barbarian. The catapults have to do with launching their projectiles at the right angle to fire their targets more efficiently. They must determine the distance the bolder will go at a specific angle in order to launch at the precise location. Afterwards, Marius confronts Emperor Nero, who of which had Marius' family murdered, and then applied all much work as he could muster by pushing Nero with enough force and distance from the ground and into the floor bellow, killing him instantly.


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