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1+2+3+4+...= -1/12



If you guys happen to look at nearly anything nerdy, you have likely seen the original video for this or a reaction to it.

In essence, a

came out trying to prove to the general public how 1+2+3+4+... all the way to infinity equals -1/12. You know the drill. Go on, watch it. I'll still be here when you get back. Or at least my post will

"So what?" you're probably asking. Or maybe you do know the so what, who am I to judge? Anyway. If you don't believe the video and think it's all stupid, ponder this. Euler, great mathematician, proved it for all real numbers. Reimann did it again for complex numbers. A third mathematician did it again completely separately.

The incredible part happens when the physics comes into play. Whether you believe it or not, this sum is essential to Quantum Electrodynamics. And when something is used in the most correct theory in history (not the best wording, but best proven, etc), you can assume that it itself is pretty damn accurate. It only seems fair that a confusing equation that makes no sense yet perfect sense is used in proving a theory that makes even less sense yet describes the world perfectly.

Psst. If you're interested in further proof, read this blog post from physicsbuzz

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