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Next Car Game



Next Car Game is an early access game that is in very early alpha, so what makes it so unique? The Physics Engine.

This game is the first game to feature a soft body physics engine which makes it one of the best games to destroy things in.

So what is a soft body physics engine?

Most physics engines today don't deal too well with materials and how objects interact. Games like GTA do a relatively good job of recreating the effect of a car breaking down, but aren't able to reach a full soft body feel. The cars (as a reference) in games right now are modeled to fall apart in specific ways and most of the time don't accurately depict how the car would bend or break in the real world. But with a soft body physics engine each part has defined object properties like how resilient it is and whether it bends or breaks on impact. Then each object is put together so instead of having the car be the object the car is a group of objects just like it is in real life. This means that if the car is hit head on it bends in a different way if it was rear ended.

Well all of this may be a bit confusing so instead of me explaining it, take a look at the engine in action.


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