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The best topic of all: me



running and sports are my life outside of school. i have a feeling tho that this website will become my second favorite site (espn cant be knocked from number one), but thats ok with me as physics is in sports all over the place. im just gonna warn everybody that most of my posts will be about sports. thats part of the reason i took ap-c, the other part being that since i hope to major in business, hopefully credit from ap-b and ap-c will help fullfill the basic science requirement i might have in college. im pumped to learn some more apout physics, but learning some physics with calc might be a stuggle, seeing as im in ab calc (we all have our lazy moments right?) but i know ill get through it just fine. so i now end this post cause the packers-saints game is callin my name.

random sports fact: Rodney Harrison is the all time NFL leader in personal foul penalties


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Have you ever seen the show Sports Science? It's a fun one to watch, not only from the physics and application side, but occasionally they "mangle" the physics a bit in their explanations -- would make a great blog topic if you catch an episode (I have a couple examples of snippets from the show we'll see in class this year too).

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