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The Poem of Physics! (The Physics of Poems?)



Now it's time,

To start a rhyme.

A rhyme of physics,

No, not metaphysics.

Newton was 'neath an apple tree,

When an apple cometh falling free.

"Ow" he shouted,

As his thoughts unclouded.

A great invisible force, must be!

Perhaps we shall call it... gravity!

Soon publishing the "Principia Mathematica,"

He gave the academic world a heart attacka.

Within this massive tome,

Newton drove just three points home.

Now numbered one, two, and three,

Newton finally set physics free.

Number one, a classic!

We know your jar of Vlasic

Shall never move,

Unless 'tis kicked by a horse's hoove.

Then on to number two,

With a constant mass, it's always true!

F=ma, that's all.

This is Regents stuff, y'all.

Finally, we come to the third,

Always seen and often heard.

For all actions, each and every,

The opposite reaction is just as heavy.

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