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Driving and Physics



blog-0971641001390768033.jpgI am a bad driver. Perhaps reviewing the physics of driving will somehow make me a better driver. There's probably some sort of correlation between driving a car and all the other units that I've learned in physics, but the only unit I can think of right now would be the momentum and impulse unit, coincidentally one of my least favorite units.

First of all, momentum is the equivalent of an object's mass times its velocity. So, if I wanted to find the momentum of my Mom's Nissan Ultima on a snowy day, I would take velocity of the car, .01 m/s, times its mass, 3000 kg, to get a momentum of 30 kg x m/s.

Next, the impulse of an object is measured in several ways, including finding the change in momentum. If the momentum of my mom's car shifts to 20 kg x m/s, then that means to find the impulse of the situation, all I would have to do is subtract the two values, to get an impulse measurement of 10 Nxs.


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