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Light is pretty slow



We are all amused by the fact that light travels at "c", which for all intents and purposes is REALLY fast. But that's just a human perspective.

To reach the sun, light takes about 8 minutes.

To leave our galaxy, it would take about 100000 years.

Not to ruin your hopes and dreams of intergalactic travel or anything, but if you COULD in fact create a spaceship that flew faster than the speed of light and could reach point A from point B within a human lifespan, the ship would arrive before the light from it...kind of an awkward situation.

Intergalactic travel would have to utilize other forms of motion aside from translational "bird's eye" motion.

Light is fast, but its nowhere near fast enough to propel us into an age of intergalactic travel that takes less than an eternity.


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