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The Physics of Bowling



Bowling is an activity that can be done as a sport or just for fun with a group of your family or friends. Some might not realize it but a lot goes behind the movements to make it work. First you have your potential energy in your starting stance. Right before you bowl most people begin in their stance to aim the ball or right before you wing it because you cant aim. As your arm swings down and you release the ball you are transferring your energy into the ball and convert the potential into kinetic energy. If you were to add up these two different energies you would have calculated your total energy used. Now, as the ball rolls down the lane about to hit the pins it doesn't seem to slow down. This is because the surface area being used has minimum friction so you can have the max speed possible. You're also supposed to follow through so you can give a greater force and have longer contact with the ball so you get a better outcome. So next time you go bowling you can realize how much work you're really doing.


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