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the phyisics of throwing darts

Ben Shelton


When a dart is thrown into a dartboard, there are a lot of phyisics involved. For one thing, there is the pricipal that an object at rest will continue in it's speed and direction unless acted on by an outside force. If there where no outside forces acting on the dart, everyone would hit the bullsye every time. But, there is gravity acting on the dart, pushing it to the ground, as well as air resistance slowing it down. Consequently, you have to factor these in when you throw the dart, otherwise you end up hitting the wall. I've found that by aiming a little bit above where I want to hit, depending on the range, I can be fairly accurate. In "sniper talk" this is called figuring out the "drop" of the projectile for cirtian distances. Some can get to the point where they know off the top of their heads how much a projectile will drop in 10 yard increments. Every time a projectile, like a dart, is put in to motion with the intention of hitting something, a miniature phyisics problem must be done mentally. (If only for an aproxiamate estimate within a person's head.

Apperently even when I upload the vedios to youtube, the website won't let me put them on, claiming I don't select a file even thogh I just did. So no vedios with this post, unfortunately, but they are on youtube under my name if you want to check them out.


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