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Driving and Physics Part II



blog-0048639001390784485.jpgIn addition to momentum and impulse, the unit of kinetic equations can be applied to driving. Again, we will use my mom's old Nissan Ultima as a demonstration. We recorded that the car's initial velocity was .01 m/s. Let's say that after negatively accelerating (NOT decelerating) at a rate of -2 m/s^2, the velocity became .005 m/s. If, for whatever reason, we wanted to find the time in which all this happened, we would use the kinetic equation, Vf=Vi +at. To make this easier to solve, we would use our knowledge of algebra to convert the equation to t= (Vf-Vi)/a. After plugging in all the known variables, with units, we would solve to see that this shindig went down in .0025 seconds. The idea that a car is capable of changing speed faster than a human blinks an eye is rather strange, but then again you've never seen me drive.


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