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Titanic...step aside



If you still think that the Titanic is the largest ship ever built...well...that's SO 1912.

There're some huge ships out there (mainly cargo), and they make the Titanic look like a twig.

The Seawise Giant statistically is the largest ship - ever.

Knock_Nevis.jpg The crude oil tanker was built in 1979, and was sunk during the Iran-Iraq War before being repaired and brought back into use.

Empty, the ship weighed 650000 tonnes, or 1.4e9 pounds. Unable to navigate the English Channel, Panama Canal, and other water ways, the ship was easily regarded as the largest one built.

It was decomissioned in 2009 and scrapped in 2010 for metal.

The largest aircraft in service, the AN-225 (there's only one flying today), weighs a "measly" 650 tonnes, can produce 1377 kN of thrust, with each engine producing more than tornado level winds.

It has a maximum takeoff weight of over a million pounds, and is one of the only aircraft readily available to transport goods like wind turbines and...other aircraft...



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