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Spinning 7,200 FPS



Hooray for a cool

many physics applications!

Alright, so if you can't quite tell, these crazy NASA engineers built a complex rig in order to record cool things at 7,200 FPS for the hell of it. Though we're not doing optics this year, they had to do a lot of considering with that, buying special mirrors that lose less light with each reflection than your standard hardware store mirror. Sure, warping occurred, and the lens they used made the objects look farther away, but just look at how awesome it is.

Although you should have already done that by this point.

Apart from the camera rig itself, the shots themselves are (like everything else in the world) filled with physics. Watch the inertia of the water as it falls straight down despite the balloon around it being dragged sideways. See the conservation of momentum in action.

And most importantly, watch two cool guys shoot things with slingshots and have the video go in a circle. Because science is cool.



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