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Physics of the NBA dunk contest



In the NBA dunk contest there is physics present in every high flying jump and every attempt at a show stopping dunk. When the contestant starts their attempt at a dunk they are getting ready to defy physics. They must go against gravity every time they attempt a rim shaking dunk. The players are very strong and they use their momentum from a running start and use impulse to push off the ground with a great deal of force to accomplish the high jumps they need. These players have vertical jumps in the 30-40 inch range. This is of a great deal of importance in achieving these dunks because you need height to get rotation on a 360 or a windmill dunk or have to catch an alley oop. Their impulse and force is much greater than the force used by my teammates fleej, shafe daddy, and flyatt when they dunk because they can't get as high off the ground as demar derozan. So this is how physics is present in the annual dunk contest.



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