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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Stuff



First, as usual, watch this video:

(easter egg: look for the Doctor Who reference at 5:30)

Yes, that is the entire history and future of everything in seven minutes. Yes, that is kind of scary. But the inevitable heat death of the universe is, well, exactly that. Inevitable. Luckily, we will all be loooooooong dead before then, if that makes you feel any better. Actually I think I just made that worse. Oops.

Anyways, this brings up the interesting nature of time, and our lack of ability to travel through it. Well, we can time travel, at a rate of exactly one second per second. Pretty lame, and slightly asinine of me to bring up, but it proves the point that for us, time moves only in one direction and at a set speed. I know I've talked about the nature of time multiple times (ha. haha. punny.) but it's just very intriguing. We seem to think we're so important, dividing up our time into smaller time units and carefully planning all of it out, when compared to all of time it's a speck. Yet, our measuring of time as relatively constant (not getting into special relativity of course) is what makes everything measurable in physics.

Well, time for me to end this post. Cricket's begging to sit on the laptop, and I need to stop making horrific puns.


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