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physics in riding a dolphin



One of my dreams in life is to ride a dolphin at somewhere like seaworld or somewhere in Florida. But, how much power does a dolphin have? Power is really easy to calculate. But first you need to calculate the work done by the dolphin using the equation W=Fd. The force would be the weight of the dolphin multiplied by gravity (9.81m/s^2) and the distance would be exactly that, how far the dolphin would be swimming. Once you have calculated that, you can use the in the power equation which is P=W/t. The t being the time it took from the dolphin to get from it's initial point to its end point. This would be how much power the dolphin has alone. What if you wanted to calculate the power the dolphin had with you on it's back? Then you would add your weight plus the dolphins weight and then multiply it by gravity and use the equation for work to find out the work done. And then plug that into the power equation again. And then you would know how much power you and a dolphin would have together.


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