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Cosmic Web that Binds the Universe





For those of you not constantly checking up on astrophysics and stuff like that (not a common habit of most people), the cosmic web is a construct that binds together the majority of the universe that has been long theorized, but never imaged. Until now, that is.

The cosmic web is made up of around 84% dark matter, which is why it is so difficult to find and photograph. As you could imagine, dark matter is invisible to us and any instruments we have except for its interactions via gravity. So the fact that this nearby quasar lights up the gas enough to show this filament is completely unheard of and incredible. The two images to the right are simulations including both gas and dark matter, and as you can see the recorded image to the left very closely matches the zoomed in image on the lower right.

Which means that the researchers and scientists that theorized this were EXTREMELY accurate. Kudos to them.


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