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Friction in Skiing



As we learned the entire unit, friction is fun! And there is nothing more fun than riding the ski slopes with your friends in the wintertime. And when you sit back and think about it a little bit, there is a lot of physics in skiing through the force of friction, a force that opposes motion. Static friction acts on a skier right before they start moving, which may be when the first leave the chairlift. According to the Regents Physics Reference Table, the coefficient for static friction on a skiers skis is .14.Then, once the skier is in motion down the hill, they possess kinetic friction. The coefficient for this is modeled by .05 for waxed skis on snow. Putting it all together, the equation for frictional force is Ff=uFn. Using this equation, you could find the force of friction for any skiers scenario. Next time you hit the slopes, just think about how much physics you are demonstrating in your life.


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