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What am I doing here?



Hello! Well, this is it. the first blog post. What do I write, what do I say to make the reader enjoy this blog? To stay, and want to read more? Well, who am I kidding. There's something going on if their on AP PHYSICS and looking at a blog by the author of hotdog. I don't even blame you if you choose to leave right now. But if you do, you'll miss a great story about how I felt in my very first Physics class!

Actually, there's not much of a story. I walked in, sat down, looked at the board, and felt empty. I'm not sure if empty is the right word, maybe lost. The type of lost where you threw away the map, the guide is on his first single tour, and you're in a foreign country with no idea how to speak the language. Does that bring any image or feelings to mind? As I sat, I realized two things that day: (1) that I would either have to learn some time mangement skills, buckle down, and learn some Physics, or (2), learn how to procrastinate like there is no tomorrow (really, I'm doing yesterday's homework today!)

Which skill do you think I chose as I write this at 1:30 in the morning?

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