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The Physics of Time Travel



blog-0918433001396217472.jpgI'm here today to discuss the possibility and implications of time travel...

...Just kidding. Time travel isn't real, kids, and you'll just have to get over that. But there is one thing which I think you'll find equally fascinating: PLUMBING.

Plumbing is pretty insane. Water flowing through pipes and stuff, the transportation of liquids, at times I've found it too much to handle. As many physics students have already learned, Bernoulli's equation and stuff. It all applies to plumbing, and making sure everything flows right.

Bernoulli's equation is important for things like constricted pipes or transporting water to the tops of tall buildings. For example, when your hose gets kinked, the water through that kink must flow faster in order to maintain the same flow rate, which requires more energy. Using Bernoulli's equation, we can see that this means the flow rate must diminish in order for energy to be conserved, causing the water in your tubing or hose to slow down, which can be a problem especially with a low-pressure water supply. On an entirely different semi-aquatic semi-plumbing topic, the venturi effect, or the effect of a fast moving stream to create low pressure areas, is used in aquariums to bring air into the marine environment while only using a water circulator to do so.

So yeah. Plumbing.


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