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In the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice the main character Dave is a "science nerd", which he is proud of. Very proud. He careated a device that when sparks fly out of a tower, music is created. At one point he even makes it so it plays a song by One Republic. He says it's because the speed at which the spark travels and hits another metal object and the amount of the coils around the tower creates the noise. This noise is also known as sound waves. This is one case where the movie is right in a way, usually movies aren't correct in their information. The coils he made are called solenoids, wires wrapped around an object, also the amount of coils and the thickness can effect the outcome of the sound wave.

Sound waves have amplitudes and frequecnys like all other waves. But by changing the amplitude or frequency you can change the sound wave therefore change how it sounds. In the movie Dave does this by pushing a few buttons. In reality you can't change all of this by a push of a button that controls all 5 of his towers. You can't chagne everything by a push of a button, you need to change the actual medium of the wave which is where the movie falls short in what really happens. Also when he's in his metal cage hes holding on to a metal bar and becoming an actual conductor. But, what they dont show is him letting go because if he did so without grounding he would get a giant shock.


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