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Shooting An Arrow



Archery has become a very popular sport in todays world. But in order to be great you must understand the physics behind it. When you draw back the string and anchor it in order toa im you are creating potential energy in the string. The more tension in your string allows for a greater potential energy. Once you release your string all that potential energy you had tranfers into the arrow as kinetic energy. Although its not as great as it could because some of the energy is also lost in friction from the arrow leaving the string. The force given through the energy as it launches across the room all transfers into the target leaving the arrow stuck. Again, this force isnt as great as youd think due to some of the acceleration being lost due to gravity pulling it down.

The key to aiming the arrow is to aim hiring then intended target. As i said before, gravity pulls down the arrow. The path your arrow takes is parabolic so it will fall just a little bit in the end. The fletching on the arrow at the back creates for balance to keep the arrow straight which would occur for less energy being used in a path you didnt want. So next time you do archery, think of physics and you'll do better.

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