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Electric Eels and Physics



blog-0737268001396453570.jpgMy favorite TV show is Animal Planet's "River Monsters with Jeremy Wade." Some BA British guy tackles giant fish. In a recent episode, he puts on a rubber suit and lassos a giant electric eel in a mud pond somewhere in third-world Latin America. It got me thinking about how awesome electric eels actually are. They have specific organs that allow them to create electricity within their own bodies and they use the discharge to stun prey within 50 feet around them. According to Yahoo Answers, these bad boys are capable of emitting 500 volts with 1 ampere in a single shock! With this information and our knowledge of physics, we can solve for the electrical power of electric eels by multiplying both the current and the voltage to attain a value of 500 watts of power!

So, the next time you plan on taking a swim in a mud pond in the middle of a cattle ranch in rural argentina, make sure you brought your finest pair of rubber boots with you.


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