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Thunder and Lightning



Ever since I was little, I've been interested in thunder and lightning. The lightning would always crack across the sky and that would be followed by a boom of thunder. When i was young, I neve knew why these things happened or anything about sound and light. But now as a student of physics, I know some interesting facts about these occurances.

Light and sound are both a very big part of our everday life. Without them, life would be very different. Light travels faster than sound. That's why you experience lightning before thunder. Light can travel at about 299792458 meters per second. While sound travels at about 340.29 meters per second. This difference in speed is huge. There is supposedly nothing that can travel faster than light.

If you put a lamp in a vacumn, you'd still be able to see the light it produces. If you put your iPod in a vacumn and played your favorite song, no sound would be produced. This is because sound cannot travel through a vacumn, but light can.

To this day I'm still intrigued by thunder and lightning, but knowing the science behind them is pretty cool too.


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