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Physics in the Winter Olympics



It may be a little late for this post but the weather doesn't seem to think so. Anyway, while the Winter Olympics in Sochi are still somewhat fresh in everyone's minds, I thought it would be good to describe a few of the mannny examples of physics that occurred in the Winter Games. Ice hockey, for example. The players think about physics AT LEAST three times a game!! Between every period, the zamboni comes out and levels off the ice! This is needed when the players notice that the ice has more friction, usually after a lot of action and scraping occurs on the ice. Furthermore, hockey players take into consideration how far the rubber puck will slide on the ice, or its coefficient of friction. If the ice is fine the puck will slide further, rather than if the ice was more rough it would take a greater force from the players shot to make the puck slide the same distance. In addition, this same example is evident in things like figure skating, bobsledding, and curling, skiing, and snowboarding!


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