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Then A Miracle Occurs



I have not yet figured out exactly what to blog about this week so I figured that a reflection of my week would be just fine. Honestly, this week wasn’t too bad. After learning about dot and cross products, I realized that the math made sense, but am still wondering what the purpose and logic behind them is. It was refreshing to have a review of one dimensional kinematics from last year, though I am not sure how the 3 dimensional kinematics is going to go next week. The derivatives were a review from last year’s math class (how to get velocity and acceleration equations from a position equation). The integrals was new concept but easily grasped after a while. The first day of talking about integrals was a little over my head (as shown in the cartoon below) but after another day of practice and a quick lesson from Mr. Muz, everything cleared up. We shall see what next week brings us!


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Well done, and great job sticking with a concept that was "fuzzy" upon first introduction... that'll happen a lot in AP-C, but familiarity will make it easier and easier!

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