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Physics of a Slide



During the spring and summer time many kids beg there parents to take them to a local playground or park. Or sometimes they have a play set in their backyard. Just like riding a bike, going down a slide includes lots of physics. For example, gravity is one of the most common physics element in riding down a slide. When someone sits on top of the slide, gravity is the force that pulls the person downward. Ever get that feeling that you're going to slide right down the slide the minute you sit down? That's because of gravity. Without the force of gravity, a slide would never work. Also, friction is another important element of physics in riding down a slide. For example, frictions works against gravity to slow someone down. Without friction on a slide, the person would accelerate way too fast and would probably result in injury. However if you were to ever go to a water park, some rides have water slides. The water on the slide reduces the effects of friction which in the end makes the person travel a lot faster down the slide. Therefore, if you ever want to go faster down a slide, reduce the effects of friction that the slide has with your back.


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