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The Physics of The Men in Black Theory



blog-0646215001396932656.pngHow was the universe created? Well as long as your guess isn't the Big Bang Theory your theory might be valid. The truth is that we have no idea what so ever how the universe was created. Some people believe in creationism- that the universe was created by a higher power. Those misinformed in the subject of Physics often believe in the believe in the Big Bang Theory. I however have always enjoyed the theory posed in the movie Men in Black. For those unfamiliar with this franchise it's basically about two guys - yes one of them is Will Smith!- fighting aliens and protecting the world. In one of the scene they show aliens playing a game of marbles which last for merely seconds. The marbles represent different planets spinning, colliding, expanding and so on. But before I explain why this is a plausibly although extremely unlikely theory I'll first explain why the Big Bang Theory is invalid.

We can disprove the Big Bang theory wrong with the Doppler effect. According to the Big bang Theory there was a force inside the universe which caused the center mass to break apart in a big bang. The net force on this mass was zero and was not acted upon by an outside force because well according to this theory there is nothing outside the universe. This theory states that the force would cause the pieces to break apart and accelerate at a slower and slower speed over time. This would occur until gravity acted upon all these pieces and brought them back to the center mass to recombine. then explode in a big bang again. This process is infinite. However the Red Shift proves this theory wrong. We learned that due to the Doppler effect as something in motion moves away from the observer, the observer notices a lower frequency. By analyzing radiation from stars we discovered a shift towards the red end of the spectrum (lower frequencies). This means the stars are moving away from us while accelerating. This proves the universe is expanding. If the Big Bang Theory were valid we would expect to see the stars slowing down not accelerating or even moving towards us.

Now back to the fun stuff. In the link below you can watch the Men in Black Clip I am describing. This scene can be interpreted many different ways but I see it as one galaxy is just a marble. Inside the marble there are billions of stars and planets. When this marble is rolled everything is set in motion. Then this marble collides with another marble another universe. This collision acts as the outside force which has caused our universe to expand or spread out inside the marble. because this collision is an outside force we would not expect the universe to contract again as the Big Bang Theory does. Lastly time is relative. the actual clip where the marble collides and spins only lasts for a few seconds. But because time is relative a few seconds in a game of alien marbles is millions of years inside the marble.

here is the YouTube link of the men in black 'marble scene' http://youtu.be/OKnpPCQyUec


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