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Physics of Sneezing



Warning: this blog post may get a little gross if you don't like mucus-related physics talk. Reader discretion advised. :phew:

So, ever wonder just how fast you sneeze? Or rather, how fast the snot comes out of your nose when you sneeze? :sick:

Well, so did Adam and Jamie on Mythbusters. They investigated a myth that when sneezing, the mucus can eject from your nose at speeds of up to 100mph. That myth was busted though, and they instead found snot-rocket speeds to be only about 35-40mph. Still - that's the speed a car goes on most streets, and it's pretty fast.

Imagine how far you could shoot snot rockets...the snot would act as a projectile that we could use our projectile equations on in order to find the initial velocity. Jamie and Adam did just that - see how far theirs went:

Gross! Well, that's about as much as I can take on the subject...thanks for reading! Hope you found it interesting.

Until next time,

bazinga818 :ass:


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