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The Swag is Back



wael aim bak physizictz and aim raedy to blog it uppp, so here gose:

1) Chris can't do physicz

Othder thangs ai larned tis week:

A) That typing with bad grammar is actually really difficult

B) That it is really easy to get other people sick in school due to close proximity... sorry guys

Physics of that: How about displacement=VoT + .5at^2 ? assuming constant deceleration of cold particles (from sneezes) due to air resistance, and V final= 0 m/s... seeing as I don't know any of the variables, I can't really solve the problem but we'll assume it's a big enough range to get mad dog sick

C) Speaking of air resistance, you can save (according to Bill Bowerman played by Donald Sunderland in Without Limits) 7% of your energy while running by drafting behind someone... which is quite a bit. Apparently an equation for air resistance or drag is Force of Drag=.5(fluid density)(velocity squared)(drag coefficient)(reference area), but that apparently only works at high velocity-- so if you're Usain Bolt (or Yohan Blake, who just ran a 19.26 200m which is the second-fastest all time). So instead of asking me about it, ask Mr. Fullerton, or better yet, Wikipedia :cool:

D) Finally got to use one of dem faces

E) Next week will probably be about Rupp's 10000m AR, so nobody besides daboss really has to read this... Have a good week! N00Bz.


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