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Bourne again?

Ben Shelton


In one of my previous posts I examined the physics of The James Bond movie Skyfall. I concluded that Bond's survival was pyisickly impossible due to a fall from a bridge. In this post I will analyze another spy- Jason Bourne- and a certain (spoiler alert) plunge he takes at the end of his third movie. Bourne jumps off a skyscraper and goes into a perfect pencil dive to escape his pursuers. To discover his velocity when he hit the water, I will apply the basic equation v=d/t. The time he fell is approximately 4 seconds, and the distance he fell was approximately 100 meters (The building height is not on the internet). Therefore he hit the water at 25 meters per second, give or take. This is a perfectly survivable fall velocity, given that he went into the water with the least possible velocity.


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