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Black Hole powered Spaceship



blog-0131198001396980368.jpgThe future of intergalactic travel may be closer than you think. Although the process may be a few hundred years down the road, some scientists believe that the starship of the future could be powered by a black hole.

As Newton's famous equation states all matter has a energy according to e = mc2. Currently the process in which we launch our rockets (burning tons of liquid and solid fuel to produce thrust) only yields under 1% of the energy that matter is capable of. This is where the black hole comes in.

Black hole dissipate all the energy from the matter they consume as radiation. A very small black hole could be created and fed small bits of matter of which would create immense amounts of energy that could propel a ship to near light speeds.

The future of space travel maybe a bit darker than we thought.

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Though to be fair, the primary driver in spacecraft travel is momentum, not energy.  While the two are interrelated, it's better to phrase discussion on the topic in the format of the former.

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