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Why am I in AP-C Physics?



Recently I've been thinking: Do i really want to take C in high school? So far i feel completely overwhelmed but have been waiting for that "ah-HA!" moment that seems to be drifting away. I think of the students that are taking ap econ, calc BC and physics C, and they seem to be doing just fine, so why can't i seem to handle ap econ, calc AB and physics C? I would feel quite frankly, like a lame quitter if i dropped out, and even the term "dropping out" has, "you fail" written all over it to me. But at the same time I'm afraid that i've overloaded myself and all my grades will suffer from it especially when the material gets more difficult. And the reason i'm doubting my choice to take C is that out of all my AP's, im most confused in this one. Also I researched and most the colleges i'm applying to wont take 2 ap physics credits. Also the curriculum of the degree i want (5 year professional degree in architecture) in the schools i have in mind wont even let me take physics 101 until my sophomore year (Syracuse), or don't require me to take it at all (Cornell). Which i thought was strange but all electives say "free in department elective" or "free out of department elective." But if i do have to take it again in college, are the benefits of taking it now worth all the stress this year? Additionally, if i end up using it as an actual architect which i assume i will, I would rather take it closer to when i'll actually use it so i remember the material. In short, I really don't want to be taking this course *at this time.* Don't get me wrong, i'm interested in the concepts and material, I just don't know if i can handle it right now with my other aps, the truck load of college stuff we have to take care of, and general hygiene.


Stressed Out / Worried :banghead)

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AP-C Physics can be frustrating and challenging, and at times may seem overwhelming. It's also one of those courses that will leave you feeling out-of-sorts on various occasions. And I'd like to tell you that feeling will go away, but in all honesty, as you are finally pushed to these new challenges that are uncomfortable, it really doesn't go away. In fact, the challenges you're going to continue to face make this feeling grow and grow.

BUT, I can tell you, that the more you stick with it, the more you get used to the feeling. You'll realize it's OK to be frustrated and confused, especially as, time after time, you struggle with the material, occasionally get knocked on your butt, but get back up again, and build the confidence to realize you're good enough that you can tackle these problems and challenges that seem so insurmountable when you encounter them.

I could give you lots of reasons to stick with physics that have to do with college credits, career paths, where you'll use it later in life, but they're all minor details compared to the most important one. You should stick with it precisely because you're not sure you can handle it. As opposed to letting go and not knowing, dive in and find out... prove it to yourself, for yourself. It'll be hard at times, and it'll push you past the boundaries of what you ever thought you could do -- but if you stick with it, you'll come out better for it on the other side.

And you don't have to do it alone. We're ALL here to help you succeed, even when that help sometimes feels like letting you sputter and flounder in the water. Have faith you're not going to sink. I do. :wave)

(PS -- best advice I can give you in physics C -- quit worrying and stressing. If you do your best each and every day, you've got nothing to stress over, no one can ask any more than that of you, I'll be proud, and most importantly, you should be proud!)

Take a look at the student blogs from last year, such as this one... you'll find many feeling the same way, and as you read how they progressed throughout the year, note how much more confident they get. It's a journey!

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