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The Physics of a Drum



blog-0987045001397136786.pngDrumming (and percussion in general) is a very interesting form of music making, I mean, it's the only instrument that you get to whack the crap out of! The physics behind hitting a drum, and how it produces its sound is actually quite fascinating. When you strike a drum with a drum stick (or your hand, a brush, a mallet, etc...) you actually create a physically visible pulse in the drum head, this pulse generates a sound wave that becomes amplified by pushing the air in the shell of the drum (the wooden part, for those of you who are wondering) to a resonant head at the bottom of the drum. The resonant head then vibrates at the same frequency of the batter head that was struck by the drum stick, and the result is a beautifully deep punch of a tone that's sure to rattle your brain.


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