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Physics in Music



We all listen to music daily and share a large appreciation for it however we don't necessarily stop to think about how music travels in sound waves or how they work. We all know that waves transfer energy but sound waves are considered mechanical waves because they require a medium in which they travel through which could be any substance or material that carries the wave along from one location to another and in this case, air would be the medium for sound waves. They travel through the air and our ears pick up the energy from these waves which vibrates against our eardrum and is converted to a nerve impulse which sends that signal to our brain. Sound waves are also considered longitudinal because the wave compression move left or right and the vibrating air particles as well move parallel to the direction the sound wave is travelling. Most of us listen to our music extremely loudly with our headphones blaring, and that means that the sound waves travelling have a high amplitude while when we listen to music as we're trying to fall asleep, its at a much lower volume to form a tranquil setting and those waves have a low amplitude, producing sound at a quieter volume. Also when listening to songs we notice that some singers have higher pitched tones than others and some lower. Having a high pitch indicates a higher frequency of a wave and those singing with a lower pitch indicate a lower frequency of a sound wave.


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