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Physics of softball



So everytime I need to make blog posts I always try to connect what we have been learning in physics to my favorite sport: softball. Now you might think that there are no waves in softball but I am creative and I believe I have found some sort of wave while playing softball. When people throw a softball really high it creates a giant lob that looks like a parabola. And this lob could also look like a half a wave. And if you measured from the ground to where the highest part of the ball reached, you would get the amplitude. But of course, the so called wave would never be finished you would only get to a half a wave and then the ball would hit the ground and die. But today we learned about reflection and could be applied to softball as well. When the ball hits the ground it will be reflected back at the same angle. So I the ball was thrown at a sharp angle measured to the normal line like 70 degrees. The ball would bounce back at that same angle. So while fielding, depending on how the ball hit the ground, you could prepare yourself for where the ball will jump next. Physics can improve your fielding skills.


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