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I must be a tough guy.



Its without a doubt that physics is at work in virtually every aspect of the game of football, but it is shocking to see just how intense the physics truly is on the human body. The average tackle creates anywhere from 30-60 G's of force. That's an acceleration of anywhere from nearly 300 m/s^2 to 600m/s^2. Luckily, however, that force is experienced for only an instant, and usually leave the player a little sore but relatively unharmed. If this type of force was experienced for any longer, it could cause serious injury or even death. The most extreme football impacts range anywhere from 100 to 150 G's, which needless to say are much more dangerous. At 100 G's, a concussion can occur, and anything greater could lead to a loss of consciousness. Its not just the big guys who create this force either. A 5'11", 200 pound defensive back can easily create a tackling force of 100 G's. Its all about the speed that's behind the tackler when contact is made.

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Excellent job extending theoretical concepts to real-world applications. So, if both mass AND velocity are important in analyzing a collision, what physics quantity do you think we should use when we look collisions in football?

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