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Fruit Flies = Fighter Jets



Here's a weird one...

Through a study at the University of Washington, researchers have found that, when attacked, Fruit Flies perform the evasive maneuvers similar to those of a modern fighter jet, a seemingly new relation between technology and nature.

When a shadow or other threat was seen by one of the Flies, it would roll rapidly on its side, and then execute a tight turn to end up flying in the complete opposite direction. This tactic is the fundamental maneuver in modern day air forces, and it makes complete sense.

Manmade aircraft share the same basic structure with flying animals, such as the wings, the fuselage (or abdomen...), and so on. It's only logical that the two creations perform the same way when evasive maneuvering is required.

What I find interesting, however, is that the Fruit Flies beat any modern day aircraft in terms of maneuvering. For instance, one of the Flies involved in the expirement altered its course in 1/100 of a second, trumping any fighter jet today. The F-16 needs about 4 seconds to turn 90 degrees in another direction.

I guess Fruit Flies don't have missiles though...but if they do, that'd be a whole different blog post indeed.



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