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The Debate of Black Holes and Breakfast Foods



Ok, so. If you were to somehow make the grave mistake of falling into a black hole, what would happen? Obviously the answer is die. That bit isn't debatable. Sorry to burst your bubble.

However, there are three main ideas of what would happen. Either you would be spaghettified, toasted, or scrambled. Unfortunately, none of these options are as appetizing as they sound.

For a long time, physicists believed matter would be spaghettified upon entering a black hole. That's the legitimate term for it. Spaghettification. Anyways. Because of the intense gravitational pull of the singularities postulated to be at the center of black holes, the matter at your feet would be pulled much faster than that at your head, leading to an object being stretched and sucked in to the middle.

The problem with this theory of black holes - namely, one with a singularity at the center - is it violates the conservation of information. Ever since Hawking Radiation was introduced and it was realized that black holes will slowly leak quantum information over time until they evaporate, spaghettification has been thrown out the window. Sorry Italy.

Idea number two is that there is nothing inside a black hole. The event horizon is in fact a ring of fire, you would be burnt upon entry and scattered back into the rest of the universe, and there is nothing inside the horizon. Nothing. Meaning that black holes would be a rip in the universe itself. This has obvious issues as it violates the Theory of General Relativity. No big deal of couse.

Theory number three: scrambled eggs. Rather than an event horizon, this black hole would have an "apparent horizon" that would scramble any matter and information that passed it, and still no singularity. Which means that this one also violates General Relativity. Whoops.


explains it better than me, with fun animation too!

This is making me hungry.


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