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Lamp Post



While helping out with yard work at my house I noticed that the lamp post in my yard had a light bulb in it but it was not on and no one could find the switch to this light. However, using my knowledge of physics, I knew that the light could be wired in a parallel circuit which means if one switch was turned on it could be connected to another light in our house and both that light and the lamp post would turn on. The only problem was that the light had blown out. So I told my mom to buy a new light for the lamp post and then try all the switches in the house and see if the light was connected to a parallel circuit. This is all because parallel circuits allow multiple paths for energy to flow through. If I wanted to know even more about this mysterious lamp post I could find the current of the energy flow by multiplying the coulombs of charge that pass through the light in one minute. We still have to buy a new light bulb but I'm positive it will work!


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