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[ATTACH=CONFIG]194[/ATTACH]Ok so everybody knows pokemon, if you don't well obviously you aren't in my Physics class and therefore have a lot of free time to be reading this which means that you should know pokemon if you have this much freetime. Therefore everybody reading this know pokemon. Continuing we all know by playing the game that we get --> :banghead) when the pokemon goes away and we don't know why. Well I am here to tell you that there is actually a method to the aggravating madness.

A= ((3*HPmax-2*HPcurrent) X pokemon Factor X Bonus of ball X Bonus status)/ (3*HP max)

If A is greater than or equal to 255 then the pokemon is caught. If not then calculate B

B= 1048560/√ √ 16711680/A)) = ((2^16)-1)√ √ a/(2^8))) if b is greater than 65535 than the pokemon is caught

∴ probablity of catching a pokemon = 1 if A < 255 and ((b+1)/(2^16))^4 if a <>

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