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The Puh-Fizsixcks of Microperforation



Well, Michael Scott would be proud. We have finally considered all our paper and copier needs and determined that lined, microperforated notebook paper is the key.

Microperforation is the strip of tiny holes punched in notebook paper somewhere between an eighth and half an inch from the spine, selectively weakening the paper to tensile forces parallel to the spine. Essentially, it's designed to let you tear out a piece of notebook paper without ripping it or otherwise destroying it.

By perforating the paper, there are fewer contact points along the intended direction of tearing. This means that for a given tensile force, each little paper piece (differential of paper length? not sure that's a thing...) feels greater 'pressure.'

Microperforation is a game of compromises. Perforate the paper too frequently along the intended line of tearing and it will simply rip out when a force is applied. Perforate it not frequently enough and it will be as if it isn't perforated at all. Make the holes too big and now your paper looks stupid. Too small and they are ineffective.

And all sorts of other thrilling compromises. Woohoo.


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