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AP Physics C, A New Hope



I am a senior in high school. I enjoy physics. These are two facts about me. I have enjoyed math for quite some time now and the application of math is what really draws me to physics.

I am taking AP Physics C because I enjoy a good challenge. I have a thirst for physics that cannot be quenched by any other class. This class offers a unique opportunity to expand my understanding and increase my skill in physics while at the same time makes me frequently consider my decision to take the class.

From this class, I hope to gain a solid foundation in physics. Physics will be a major part of my future career and academic ventures, so I want to head in to the future with the tools that will allow me to not only survive, but flourish in my future environments.

This year I am most excited about working with such an amazing teacher..... bonus points would be appreciated. But in all seriousness, I am excited to expand upon my knowledge of physics as well as learn more about the areas of physics that interest me. I also enjoy labs. Although theoretical physics is all fine and dandy, I really get my kicks from applying what we've learned in labs and experiments, as well as real world examples.

I am most anxious about the difficulty and the workload. I have never dealt with a load this large and it is frightening to say the least. Not only is it a lot of work, but the work is challenging as well. This makes it rewarding but incredibly difficult as well. But as the ancient Chinese proverb says, "All things are difficult before they are easy".


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You are absolutely right Dan -- it is a challenging class, and a large portion of the reward comes learning how to struggle, get frustrated, and realizing you can come out OK on the other end.  Hang in there -- it won't be easy, but come June, it will have been worth it!

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