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blog-0282305001410276478.jpgWhat's this? New AP-C students?

Welp a new dawn has... dawned and I have made the short stroll of 18 miles to RIT. So what has changed? Not much.

Right now you AP-C'ers are taking, I assume, mostly college level courses and believe it or not they are actual college level classes, like no joke. With Calculus, Physics and other classes I was (and you are) taking the equivalent of a Freshman year in college. If it sounds intimidating its because it is, taking that big of a step a year early is very tough and will, at points, seem like the worst decision of your life.

Don't get me wrong senior year is lots of fun, but remember, if a class like Calc or Physics is getting you down, hold on. At some point or another you will have to realize that not all knowledge is easy to learn and high school is the best place for that. Mr. Fullerton is amazing and he, unlike a college professor, will help you through every step if he needs to.

Enjoy yourself and

make it a great year!

Oh yeah, READ THE TEXTBOOK (I have to pay for mine, use it while it's free)

Have fun and stay classy,


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Nice post Gareth -- by the way, did you notice that your blog had been read more than 10,000 times?  Quite the popular author you are...   

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