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Blog #2



Over the last few weeks I have learned a lot about physics. I learned that speed and distance are scalars and velocity and displacement are vectors. A scalar has only magnitude, while a vector has both magnitude and direction. Speed is the rate at which distance is traveled, whereas velocity is the rate at which displacement changes. Distance is a change in position, while displacement is a straight line vector from start point to end point. While taking physics I have struggled mainly with the writing portion of the lab. This was my first lab all year so I'm sure I'll improve, but I didn't quite understand a few aspects of the format such as the abstract and the discussion/analysis. Hopefully, I can do a better job next time.


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Mike, I can see that you and I have really noticed similar things in Physics. However, we also were stuck in the same places on our lab reports as well. But, now I at least know that to do better on the Abstract portion, you have to talk about each section through your personal experiences, not just the summary of what the criteria was for each of the sections.

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