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"The First Pitch Insufficiency" w/ Howard Walowitz



The ever popular "Big Bang Theory" has become quite the weekly night tradition in my house. After all - what a family friendly show that is! Nonetheless, week by week we stay tuned to see what happens next to the highly-educated, socially awkward, athletically incapable nerdy crew.

As the show moves from Thursdays to Mondays: Season 9 kicks off, last night premiering episode 3, "The First Pitch Insufficiency." Astronaut, Howard Walowitz, is granted the rare opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game in honor of National Space Day.

Because most of his high school career was moreover dedicated to classes, grades, college and chess club (sound familiar?) his athletic abilities are not exactly...existent. So after some pathetic practice and a little brilliant brainstorming - this engineer lets science take the wheel. His connections with NASA provide him a way to get ahold of a Mars Rover prototype which he therefore sets up to 'throw' the first pitch. Naturally, at the crowded game this is a huge hit: but his 'fool-proof' plan proves extremely flawed when his fzx calculations goes without care.

As the Mars Rover winds up for the pitch, the crowd goes nuts. With Walowitz more proud than ever, an embarrassing robot takes off for home plate - basically crawling - with the baseball standing on a little a little league tee: an inevitable homerun.

Let's take a look (picture below):

Problem #1 =>

a. Where is Howard's math!? As a highly esteemed he knows his kinematics equations. Would it make sense he draw those up? For instance, were he to simply catapult the baseball off of the rover would be much less stressful than watching it drive along at 1mph.

b. Even with the idea of driving the ball down on the rover...Walowitz failed to even CONSIDER the drag forces acting up the machine such as friction!

c. Finally, even just watching the episode was stressful to think that: the ball might have not even been at the right height! Imagine having to call this pitch 'a ball.'

I guess I can I'm disappointed in him as a character. For being as intelligent as he is, he pretty much forgot the basics of the universe. Go Howard.


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