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Throughout the fall and winter seasons, I watch a lot of football games. I think physics is applied to football in many ways like, when the football is thrown, acceleration of players from rest to when the play is going on, and also in kicks which have similar characteristics to throws. Kicks and throws both have the football moving in a parabolic path to its target with an initial velocity and with gravity forcing the ball back down to the ground. The players themselves constantly go from rest at the beginning of a play, accelerating, and then usually get hit by a player of the opposing team. Although, we haven't learned this part yet, I know that with a collision of objects there will be a force that is not gravity acting on an object, in this case a football player. I'm interested to see how we will work to solve these kinds of problems, and if there are any new formulas to learn.


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That's cool Mike, I see that you and I thought of football when thinking of things that apply to physics. I think of angled projectile motion with football, which definetely incorporates parabolic paths and initial velocity.

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